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  • Keeps Candidate profiles anonymous unless and until a Talent Scout / Job Referrer really needs to get in touch with a specific Candidate basis their ‘primary industry and location preference’ among others
  • Keeps all profiles in the same format and doesn’t allow candidates to take lead by uploading fancy CVs. So candidature is primarily driven by skills and experience
  • Doesn’t clog a Candidate’s mailbox by sending unnecessary job listings. No ‘Job Posting’ clutter
  • Allows Candidates to select a favourable time slot to touch base with Talent Scouts / Job Referrers
  • Allows Candidates to make their presence felt by notifying relevant Talent Scouts / Job Referrers of their intention to get a new job, allowing them to lead in the queue of dormant Candidates. Jobonymous keeps reminding those Talent Scouts / Job Referrers about the same for next eight weeks. This is a paid service for Candidates
  • Save yourself from the hassle of spending ‘day in and day out’ on searching for relevant jobs. Use the button and get a direct entry into Talent Scout’s / Job Referrer’s Inbox
  • The option allows you to refer friends and earn virtual monetary credits of INR 50.0 per conversion into a unique account. The credits can be used against Broadcast charge.
  • Get rid of buying Candidate databases for hefty amounts. Pay selectively for profiles that match your job criteria, only after the Candidate accepts your request (Pay Per Resume post acceptance)
  • Save your efforts by notifying Candidates in advance to pick up a suitable time slot for discussion (no need to spend time unnecessarily on cold calling)
  • Save time and money on job posting (no need to post jobs) and rather focus your efforts on searching for the right Candidate
  • These fields are flexible to accept names of schools, colleges, courses, companies and keywords, even if they don’t show up in suggestions.