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Why Jobonymous

Preferentiates Anonymity

Jobonymous ensures the anonymity of Candidates' personal details.

Avoids Spam

Removes clutter of irrelevant job postings.

Pay Per Resume

Allows Pay Per Resume, i.e., Talent Scouts and Job Referrers will have to pay only when candidates accept their request for an interview time slot.

For Candidates

Privacy Guaranteed

Jobonymous does not share your contact details until you accept the discussion slot invitation.

Free Profile Listing

Allows you to be found by Talent Scouts and Job Referrers for openings in some of the best brands in various industries.

Broadcast Your Resume

Comes with a Broadcast button that shoots your profile directly into the Inbox of Talent Scouts and Job Referrers. Also, we adhere to a standard CV format providing greater importance to Merit over Fancy CVs.

For Talent Scout

Save Money Through PPR

Pay Per Resume: Our entire database is free to search. You have to pay only when a candidate accepts your interview request.

Free Broadcasted Profile

No charges to get in touch with Candidates who have shared their profiles using Broadcast.

Standard CV Format

Ease of analyzing CVs as all Candidates adhere to standard CV format.

For Job Referrer


Get All Services Of Talent Scout

Pay Per Resume
Free Broadcasted Profile
Standard CV Format

Earn Referral Bonus

Basis your company policy, earn referral bonus for every successful conversion of a candidate into an employee.

Refer & Earn

Candidates can invite friends and earn rewards that can be utilized against Broadcast charge.

Every invite converted into a new unique account fetches Candidate a virtual credit of INR 50.0. Keep adding friends to our platform and keep rewarding yourselves.

Claim Refund

Claim Refund is an option for all those Candidates who have used the Broadcast button but did not receive any interview request within nine weeks of time from the use of the button. In any such case, we will be happy to bear half of such cost (in this case, the cost to Broadcast).

Please note that 50% refund is valid only on the actual monetary amount paid, i.e., excluding any referral cash earned.